InnoCos USA

12 July, 2012 - New York

New Must Attend Event for Innovation, New Product Development and Marketing Professionals in Cosmetics and Personal Care Industries!

Inspiration for Innovation

 New York, workshop on July 11 2012 + conference  July 12 2012 

The cosmetics industry has always been one of the fastest-paced markets, launching new products daily to satisfy and ever-changing consumer demand. However, now more than ever, the digital age trends is making a deepening impact in not only what our consumer buys but how and where she buys it and how she likes the message communicated.

To truly stay ahead in this marketplace, companies need to respond quickly and decisively to global trends, transforming traditional customer-facing functions into activities with a competitive edge.

Join us at this exciting and informative conference where delegates and speakers can engage in lively and honest discussions with the most innovative leaders in the industry at InnoCos US 2012 and learn how to:

  • Revolutionise customer-facing activities to catch the next big wave
  • Approach product development from an innovative angle
  • Accelerate innovation in new markets through external partnerships
  • Apply new concepts and thinking to your own business
  • Understand the digital age and its increasing role in business

*Speakers include * L’Oréal * AVEDA * benefit cosmetics * Colgate Palmolive * VITACARE * Detox Market *

This USA summit will bring together senior executives from the cosmetics and personal care industry to discuss key issues on front-end innovation, new product development and high-growth markets.

To maximise knowledge exchange and to generate actionable results, we have carefully designed the conference format to be interactive, “hands-on” and productive. This includes keynote presentations, panel discussions and a “hands-on” brainstorming workshop session.

Who should attend:

The executives that will realise the greatest benefit through attendance include

SVPs, VPs, Board Members, Directors, Senior Managers, Executives in charge of:

  • Innovation
  • Marketing & Branding
  • R&D New Product Development

Why should you attend?

  1. Develop new business relationships face-to-face in an exclusive networking environment
  2. Discuss business challenges and best practices with your peers
  3. Learn how leading companies are driving innovation through social media and digital strategies
  4. Attend a “hands on” workshop where you will brainstorm in small groups and report your conclusions to the whole group


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See also InnoCos Europe, 30-31 May 2012 Geneva, Switzerland

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July 11 2012

1:00 pm

Welcome coffee

1:30 pm

Introduction by KGS & Chairman

1:45 pm

Get your brand added to the shopping cart

Exploring how a woman researches products online to prepare for her shopping trips

  • Understanding the people, resources, and needs that influence her purchase behaviors
  • Identifying how the rise of mobile is changing her retail experience
  • Leveraging mobile and the web to connect your brand with her in new and innovative ways

Ethelbert Williams, Head of Marketing, Total Beauty Media Group

2:20 pm

Aveda Case Study: A 360 approach to driving consumer engagement.

Learn how one brand developed a synergistic program utilizing print, digital, social media, sampling and CRM to acquire new guests and drive guest loyalty.

Rachel Ostrom, Executive Director, Consumer Engagement, Aveda

2:55 pm

Accelerate Your Product Development With Open Innovation

  • How to Scout Novel Chemicals & Materials Technologies?
  • How to Find Technologies Closer to commercialization?
  • How To Incorporate these Technologies into your Product Development?

Sebastien Gourdon, Open Innovation Director, SpecialChem

3:10 pm

Coffee Break

3:40 pm

Case study Nivea Visage Nordics - How to respect regional consumer needs within a global brand

The presentation will show based upon a real case how one can find the right balance between the global identity of a brand

and the specific regional consumer needs – resulting in communication which resonates with consumers, is true to the brand & leads to market success.

Sonja Ungewitter, Global Vice President Business Development, Beiersdorf. 

4:15 pm

Working session on ultimate experience commerce: exploring the critical relationship between video-rich content and social media activation in the beauty industry

Just over a decade ago, online commerce was simply a digital version of print. Mainly due to bandwidth constraints, the online experience wasn’t much more than a slightly cleaner catalogue. Now much of that has changed, with the emergence of digital video as a way of providing a much richer, deeper online shopping experience for beauty and cosmetics customers.

Today “experience commerce,” a fusion of brand marketing and product merchandising that enables visitors to access an entertaining online social shopping experience, serves as a portal to products they might like to buy, and is fundamentally changing the way people shop and experience cosmetics brands online.

But that’s only half the picture. To ensure the potency of an experience commerce initiative, social media activation must be employed.  In a workshop seminar designed to actively engage attendees on the issues and possibilities related to building beauty brands through video-rich experience commerce via social media activation, Glick will helm a session that includes dynamic audience involvement and covers:

  • Developing and delivering timely and engaging video content to your cosmetics customers
  • Activating existing online beauty campaigns in a cost and time efficient manner
  • Reaching even broader media for your business and creating brand awareness through video content
  • Effectively using video to demonstrate beauty products through the three main highways of social media activation – what we like to call the ‘triad of digital distribution’ - .com, Social and Mobile

The session will actively encourage audience interaction, where technology will be integrated with audience-generated content to engage the people attending the session.

Ross Glick - CEO - iNDELIBLE

5:00 pm

Closing remarks

5:10 pm

Networking drinks reception

July 12 2012                 

8:00  am

Welcome coffee

08:45 am

Introduction by KGS & Chairman presentation

09:00 am

L'Oreal: How Digital Unleashes The Power Of Beauty

Beauty has always been about seduction, interaction and emotion. but until now, L'Oreal could only connect with consumers through traditional advertising. Today digital extends the opportunity across the entire beauty consumer lifecycle. How does digital enable L'Oreal to achieve their strategic goals?

  • Why is beauty and digital a seductive mix for consumers?
  • How does digital allow L'Oreal to relevantly connect across the beauty consumer lifecycle?

George-Edouard Dias, SVP e-Business, L'Oreal

9:35 am

Combining internal collaboration and external partnerships for better and quicker innovation

  • Identifying the right external partners and bringing them early on in the innovation process
  • Connecting scientists to the consumer and the business partners
  • Leveraging processes from other industries to speed-up innovation
  • Bringing cross-functional interaction to the next level

Fabienne Jacquet, Director External Innovation, Colgate Palmolive 

10:10 am

Give us the China price ... or give us Innovation

Patrick Ternier, CEO, Innovation Framework Technologies. 

10:20 am

Coffee and Networking

10:50 am

Bring your Innovation to Market: Leveraging consumer insights from new product development to marketing

New innovations require a deep understanding of the consumer in many phases of a product’s life cycle, from product development to launch. Understanding how to communicate a product’s benefits, how to exemplify the reasons to believe, and how to best position an innovative offering is key in recognizing what triggers your consumers. Using an example of on-pack packaging communication, an interactive case study will allow you to participate in evaluating claims, followed by a workshop to learn the principles of creating effective claims. These principles have been derived from SKIM’s meta-analysis on claims across multiple consumer product industries. The analysis evoked learnings including the benefit of using a tangible promise of value, versus commonly used communication elements such as comparative advertising and several other pitfalls. While these principles will be applied to on-pack claims and related messaging, they can also be applied to communications testing across every phase of the product life cycle. In this way, the workshop will exemplify the need to derive consumer insight across multiple phases of the product life cycle, so that you can successfully bring your innovation to market.

Sourabh Sharma, Social Media Research Expert and Project Manager & Paul Janssen, Director, Consumer Division, SKIM

12:20 am

Networking Lunch

1:30 pm

Why Did Doctor Oz Start A Beauty Website?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Michael Roizen and Steven Lindseth started YouBeauty to explore women’s beauty as a reflection of a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, science shows beauty equals health, and a woman achieves her own authentic beauty when she is healthy, happy and feels socially connected. In this session Steven Lindseth will explore:

  • How they are integrating beauty and science into a broader lifestyle discussion, correlating it to every dimension of a woman’s life in a cohesive and actionable way
  • Building a large engaged audience by packaging health information and science in a way women want to consume it
  • Trends in beauty and online retailing

Steven W. Lindseth, CEO and Co-Founder of

2:05 pm

The Next Multi Billion Dollar Market - A Global Perspective

The beauty devices market reached close to $1 billion at the retail level in 2011 in the United States alone. Clearly, these devices are finding a very receptive and growing audience of savvy consumers looking to save time and money by avoiding regular trips to the doctor for those in-office procedures that were once commonplace in more robust economic times. With exceptional growth forecast through 2017, this presentation will take an in-depth look at the market for this emerging product –class across the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

Karen Doskow - Industry Manager, Consumer Products practice - Kline Group

2:40 pm

Social Media & Local Market Innovation

In this case study, Valerie Hoecke of Benefit Cosmetics will speak to:

  • the inherently local nature of social media, with implications for brands that are traditionally lead through headquarters
  • examples of how market-based social media efforts are driving innovative marketing communications at Benefit
  • implications for brand organization & practices

Valerie Hoecke, VP Digital Experience and Commerce, Benefit Cosmetics

3:15 pm

Coffee Break

3:45 pm

Charming the Blase Consumer

A hearty dose of marketing product development reality on today's consumer and what drives their purchases; that will address:

  • What is a "terrorist consumer"?
  • Is the idea of innovation dead?
  • How to orchestrate the perfect product?
  • What is the recipe for today's uberproduct?

Brian Fox Krawchyk, Founder and Visionary, Genealogy 

4:20 pm

Avon Connects and Empowers Women for 125 Years. How About the Next 125? 

Avon is a pioneer in global expansion, with its first international operations established in 1954. As the world’s largest direct seller, Avon markets leading beauty, fashion and home products to women in more than 100 countries through approximately 6.5 million inde- pendent Avon Sales Representatives. Reetu Gupta will share her experience in innovative customer engagement spanning different countries and cultures.

  • Creating value with technology as a company for women in a digital era
  • Connecting with women with opportunities : How Avon Connects through Social Media
  • Engaging customers with an innovative approach

Reetu Gupta - Director, Global Digital Strategy and Analytics - Avon

4:55 pm

Chairman’s comments and close of conference

Fabienne Jacquet, Director External Innovation, Colgate Palmolive

For the last 25 years, Fabienne has held various positions in Innovation roles at Colgate-Palmolive, both in R&D and in Marketing, in Europe and in the US, always driven by her passion for Innovation and new challenges.

Today, Fabienne brings this unique skills combination and cross-functional experience to her role in the External Innovation Team.
She is enabling a more systematic process for identifying potential external alliance partners and leveraging externally sourced solutions to further accelerate the pace of innovation. She is considered as a change agent that fosters experimentation and influences culture.

Fabienne holds a degree in engineering and a PhD in organic chemistry.
Fabienne is a native of France. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and enjoys gardening, traveling, Tai Chi and modern art.

George-Edouard Dias, SVP e-Business, L’Oreal

Georges-Edouard DIAS is currently heading L’Oreal Digital Business group, a position that he has occupied since 2001. With his team, he is supervising the worldwide development of L’Oreal sales online, which includes operations from every L’Oreal division in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The team is equally responsible for empowering brand communication and advertising through digital : from setting content partnership with leading web portals such as MSN or in China, to rethinking the role of direct communication and customer interaction in the marketing mix, thanks to an integrated CRM & Media approach. Dias was previously VP of Interactive Development at L’Oreal USA, where he defined L’Oreal’s policy related to digital commerce and launched the first selling sites in L’Oreal’s history.
Dias interactive career commenced when he was promoted as project manager in charge of launching L’Oreal corporate web site in 1997, an important change from his previous positions in the group that were mostly marketing focused; from product manager at Garnier International when he joined L’Oreal after he graduated from HEC in France in 1983, to VP of Marketing at Vichy International before he was moved to corporate.

Reetu Gupta - Director, Global Digital Strategy and Analytics - Avon

Reetu Gupta is the Director of Global Digital Strategy and Analytics for Avon Products, where she has been leading the strategic digital agenda for the world’s largest direct seller of beauty and fashion products. Central to Avon’s strategic growth plan, Reetu and her team are focused on contemporizing Avon’s business model through an omnichannel experience that leverages online, social media, mobile and other emerging technologies. Reetu has over 15 years of strategy experience in the retail, consumer and digital space. Prior to Avon, Reetu was with Limited Brands, the parent company of Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, where she led the consumer experience and commercialized new business opportunities. Prior to Limited Brands, Reetu was a strategy consultant for consumer and retail clients at The Boston Consulting Group. Reetu holds a BA in economics from The University of Chicago and an MBA in general management from The Harvard Business School.

Brian Fox Krawchyk - Founder and Visionary - Genealogy

Brian Fox Krawczyk is the creative visionary and founder of Genealogy Beauty, LLC. With over 25 years of beauty/fashion industry experience, Brian has worked within all trade classes and distribution channels in product development, marketing, and sales. In his former position as Vice President of Global Business Development, for Mana Products, Inc., his tenure included senior management of contract manufacturing, turn-key and private label company division; including R & D product development, trending, marketing and sales.
Brian is well recognized as an industry trendsetter, having created next-generation products, for many of the most celebrated brands in beauty. His creative style is to reject the ‘status quo’ in favor of one-of-a-kind innovation. Having spent time in almost every major manufacturing facility around the globe, Brian understands the challenges that brands face when bringing a product to market. Underlying his passion for creative product development is the desire to give brands a more efficient, streamline and profitable process for developing their business.
Brian comes to the table with a broad range background in technical direction, marketing management, sales management, extensive R & D research, and trending and forecasting for the world’s leading beauty manufacturers, including L’Oreal, Procter and Gamble, etc.

Paul Janssen, Director of SKIM Consumer

Paul Janssen is the Director of SKIM’s Consumer Division in North America. He holds a Masters in International Business Studies and worked in brand management at Kraft Foods prior to joining SKIM five years ago. Paul is considered an expert in the field of claims and communication and regularly advises clients like Unilever, PepsiCo and Philips on how to optimize their claim and communication strategies for specific marketing initiatives. In addition, he has hosted multiple claims workshops and trainings for the consumer insights and marketing teams of various clients.

Ethelbert Williams, Head of Marketing, Total Beauty Media Group (@tbm, @tellnation)

Ethelbert Williams is the Head of Marketing for Total Beauty Media Group. He leads trade marketing, network audience growth, and distribution opportunities. Ethelbert's brand marketing experiences span some of the largest global beauty corporations in the world, including Procter & Gamble and L'Oreal Paris. He was also a brand manager on the Axe male grooming business at Unilever. While at Starcom MediaVest Group, Ethelbert drove integrated marketing communications planning for a range of multinational brands. He holds a BS from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Steven W. Lindseth - CEO -

Steven is CEO and a co-founder of along with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen. YouBeauty is a lifestyle media and commerce business focused on the quest for inner and outer beauty as a driver of better health and happiness. The site combines information on the science of beauty with community and through its sister site,, commerce, and well as a syndicated radio show, allowing women to engage with experts, friends and cohorts in an information exchange on how to harness science to making better beauty and health related decisions.
Steven has had a 30 year career in innovation, having started a number of successful companies in technology, consumer health and wellness, including Thermoscan, maker of the Thermoscan one-second thermometer, sold to Gillette, and Dental Research, maker of the Interplak Toothbrush, sold to Bausch and Lomb. He has served on many boards of early stage venture capital backed companies, and also advises the Cleveland Clinic Foundation on its innovations activities.

Patrick Ternier, CEO and Founder, Innovation Framework Technologies

IFT was founded on Patrick Ternier’s absolute conviction that the only source of profitable growth, the only reason to invest in companies in the future, is their ability to innovate and their ability to differentiate. And that the market was ready for a new type of innovation excellence solution; one that combines the completeness and flexibility of the best-in-class innovation management and PPM software, with the practices and processes of the best-in-class innovation research.
From an entrepreneurial background, Ternier brings 25 years of global experience in the software and consulting industry, focusing mainly on Innovation and R&D management practices and systems.
Prior to founding Innovation Framework Technologies, Patrick was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Artemis International Solutions Corporation, a Nasdaq listed company, specialized in Product Portfolio Management solutions.
From a French-German cultural background, Ternier holds a Master of Science Degree from the Ecole Centrale and a bachelor’s degree in economical sciences.

Sourabh Sharma, Social Media Research Expert and Project Manager

Sourabh Sharma comes to SKIM with a keen eye for understanding consumer behavior. He adds perspective to marketing research from his multiple years of experience in brand management and product development in the cosmetics industry at L’Oreal. He built on this with his work in strategy consulting in the consumer sector. With a multi-faceted and international background, having graduated with engineering, marketing and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the Rotterdam School of Management, Sourabh continually enables the multinational firms he works with to acquire a stronger understanding of their end users, particularly through studies in communications. Furthermore, he strives to extract value from the rapidly evolving brand-to-consumer interface by his active work in social media research, a topic on which he has given several seminars and webinars. He ultimately gains and communicates a stronger understanding of those who matter the most to SKIM, his clients, and himself: the consumers.

Valerie Hoecke - VP Digital Experience and Commerce - Benefit Cosmetics

After more than 15 years leading account management and strategic services, dishing out advice at interactive agencies, Valerie Hoecke is finally getting a taste of her own medicine. Fortunately, it comes with a spoonful of sugar at Benefit Cosmetics, where the tagline is "Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it." Valerie presently serves as the VP Digital Experience & Commerce at Benefit Cosmetics, a global prestige cosmetics company, one of the LVMH brands. At Benefit, Valerie is responsible for the growth of the brand's global ecommerce channel, for sales through a variety of 3rd party ecommerce channel partners, and for all digital media strategy and online marketing for Benefit. Immediately before joining Benefit, Valerie served as the General Manager for Method San Francisco, a brand experience agency, and before that as VP Client Services or VP Strategy for a number of interactive agencies.

Sonja Ungewitter, Global Vice President Business Development, Beiersdorf

Sonja works as at Beiersdorf as Global Vice President Business Development identifying & exploiting around the globe growth potential of brands other than NIVEA and Eucerin.
During her professional career Sonja has worked in several countries – from mature markets like Northern Europe to emerging markets like South East Asia ensuring that the international Nivea strategy from product pipeline to brand positioning & communication strategy are optimally translated & executed with regards to regional needs. She was responsible for established brands in mature markets as well as for building up new categories and even for entering Nivea into completely new markets like Poland.
Sonja has a profound strategic experience as she has been working several years in the international marketing being responsible for product positioning & strategy - deciding, defining & developing product pipelines & communication for most important categories like deodorants & face care.
She is especially passionate about entrepreneurial tasks – like previously creating as head of Consumer Connectivity the worldwide Beiersdorf Strategy which ensures best in class consumer understanding and global insight work, shaping and setting up last year as Change & integration Manager the newly founded region of Northern Europe or just now when building up the newly founded Business Development Unit for Beiersdorf globally.
Sonja is currently placed in Hamburg, Germany.

Ross Glick - CEO - iNDELIBLE

Ross Glick is the co-founder and CEO of iNDELIBLE, a global digital innovation company with headquarters in New York City.
A veteran of the media industry and an entrepreneur at heart, Glick is a respected public speaker on topics related to digital advertising such as social commerce, narrative marketing and social media activation. Most recently he spoke on the relationship between online video and social media at the iStrategy Conference/Chicago.
In 1999, Glick launched iNDELIBLE with creative director Dimitri Falk.
iNDELIBLE initially operated as a digital production studio in a former SoHo sweatshop. Glick successfully navigated the company through the post dot com era, helping it become known first as the web content company of choice for some of the most prestigious fashion and beauty brands in the world. The agency`s current reputation is as a digital marketing guru selling to a worldwide audience.
Glick brings a signature enthusiasm to clients looking for the latest capabilities and opportunities in digital advertising. With his guidance, iNDELIBLE`s fusion of entertainment and web commerce may be seen in high-profile online advertising projects for blue-chip international brands including Chanel, Mac Cosmetics, Allergan, Laura Mercier, Playboy, Ladies Home Journal, Sears, Kmart, Viacom and Scoop NYC. iNDELIBLE’s work has been recognized by industry awards shows such as the Clio Medical Awards, OMMA, W3 and Interactive Advertising Awards.

Rachel Ostrom, Executive Director, Consumer Engagement, Aveda

Rachael Ostrom is Aveda’s executive director of consumer engagement and has been with the company for 12 years. She is currently responsible for cause-related marketing, CRM, loyalty marketing, advertising, digital, and E-commerce globally for the Aveda Corp. During the past 12 years she has worked to position the company as a leader with the beauty industry, as well as an environmentally conscious corporation. Since becoming the first professional brand in the haircare industry to launch E-commerce in 2004, Aveda has seen tremendous success and innovation within the online channel. Aveda followed its E-commerce success in 2009 by becoming the first brand in the beauty industry to launch a mobile commerce site and was recently named “best-in-class” by Mobile Commerce Daily.

Sebastien Gourdon, Open Innovation Director, SpecialChem

Sébastien holds a BA in Law from University of Versailles and graduated from Bordeaux Business School and University of Hamburg. He joined SpecialChem in 2004 as Chief Financial Officer and moved to Sales and Marketing responsibilities, first as Program Manager, supporting raw material suppliers such as DuPont, Arkema or Dow Corning, then as Business Development Director in Cosmetics. Sébastien designed the Open Innovation service launched by SpecialChem. Today, as Director of SpecialChem/Omnexus Open Innovation services, he is connecting brand owners and chemicals manufacturers with the largest network of chemicals and materials professionals in the world. Sébastien supports clients scouting new technologies or seeking solvers for their technological problems.

Karen Doskow - Industry Manager, Consumer Products practice - Kline Group

Karen Doskow is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the beauty care and related markets. Karen has been with Kline for over 15 years. Currently, she is responsible for a series of continuing specialized research reports in areas such as beauty retailing, professional skin care, natural personal care, or home fragrances.
Prior to joining Kline, she has worked on the marketing and advertising sides of the business on brands including Pantene, Chanel, and Avon.
She has achieved industry recognition as a marketing expert in beauty and related markets and is a frequent presenter at major conferences, including HBA Global Expo, Cosmeceuticals Summit, or Beyond Beauty Paris. She is frequently quoted as an industry expert in various publications, including the Women’s Wear Daily, Cosmetics Design, Happi, GCI, or Cosmetics Business.

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The Rose Sheet. The personal-care industry’s only one-stop source of business regulatory news and analysis. “The Rose Sheet” provides expert analysis of what new developments and regulations actually mean for your company’s bottom line, utilizing its dedicated staff of experienced, on-the-ground analysts and their extensive connections in Congress and the industry. To learn more, visit . “The Rose Sheet” is an Elsevier Business Intelligence Publication.

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Park Central

870 7th Avenue New York,
NY 10019-4038
Conference takes place in Park Central hotel New York, conveniently located near Times Square, and right above the 57th Street subway stop, providing easy access to the N, Q, R, W lines.